Wright Plastic Surgery performs innovative breast cancer surgery procedure

Little Rock, AK – Wright Plastic Surgery have performed a new breast cancer surgery procedure that may restore sensation after mastectomy.

Breast surgeon Dr. Yara Robertson and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Wright are now using the surgical technique Resensation® that can potentially restore sensation to the breast as part of breast reconstruction. They are the first in Arkansas to offer this groundbreaking procedure.

“Losing one or both breasts is a life-changing event that can have significant impacts on a woman’s sense of self and quality of life,” explains Dr. Wright. “The Resensation surgical technique allows us to go a step further during reconstructive surgery with the potential to restore feeling to the new breasts as well. We believe this is the next frontier in breast reconstruction that may help women look – and feel – more like themselves after breast cancer surgery.”

During a mastectomy, nerves that provide sensation to the breast are cut when the breast tissue is removed. If the nerves aren’t surgically repaired during breast reconstruction, many women will experience permanent numbness in their chest.

This innovative surgical procedure is an advancement in breast reconstruction designed to restore sensation after a mastectomy. It allows plastic surgeons to use a nerve allograft to reconnect nerves in the patient’s newly restored breast. Over time, the nerves can regenerate, potentially restoring sensation in the breast.

For more information, contact Wright Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, at (501) 575-0088 or request a consultation.

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