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A woman looking at medicine and holding a glass of water (model)

How To Manage Post-Operative Pain and Minimize Opioid Use During Plastic Surgery Recovery

Planning to undergo plastic surgery to improve your aesthetic concerns can be a challenging time. You have so many serious decisions to make as well as prepare for post-surgery recovery. If you are anxious about pain management and the aftereffects of opioid use, you are not alone. Patients preparing for cosmetic surgery procedures often have …

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A woman wearing a sports bra and workout clothes exposing her stomach (model)

Should You Combine Liposuction With Renuvion® (J Plasma) for the Abdomen? Answers to Your FAQs

Renuvion and liposuction can be a great combination for your abdomen and other areas for several reasons. Liposuction effectively eliminates stubborn fat deposits from all over your body, but it can’t improve the surface skin above the treated areas. Once the fat deposits are removed, your skin might tighten over time, but very lax skin …

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