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Understanding Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures throughout the U.S. However, many women today prefer a more modest increase in breast size than they did 10 to 15 years ago. Fat transfer breast augmentation—also called fat grafting—is an innovative technique that uses your own fat for subtle, natural-looking breast enhancement. Before …

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Moxi and BBL HEROic devices with a model image of a woman smiling.

Wright Plastic Surgery Proudly Introduces BBL® HEROic™ and MOXI® Skin Treatments

Are you looking for a way to revitalize dull, damaged skin and reveal a more youthful, radiant appearance? Wright Plastic Surgery proudly offers the latest breakthrough in skin rejuvenation—Sciton's . As the first practice in Arkansas to feature this advanced technology, we're excited to share the unique benefits and remarkable results you can expect from …

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Woman receiving a Hydrafacial treatment on her face (models)

Hydrafacial®Benefits, Concerns, & More: Answers to Your FAQs

At Wright Plastic Surgery, we understand that each patient's skin is unique, which is why we offer personalized Hydrafacial treatments. This advanced skin rejuvenation procedure caters to various skin concerns, from acne and aging to general skin revitalization. Because of its advanced technology and versatility, Hydrafacial is a top choice for those seeking effective skincare …

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Searching for the Best Cellulite Treatment? Avéli™ May Be Your Solution

Cellulite frustrates many people. If you're one of them, you've likely tried creams and other remedies touted as miracles on the internet---all in search of the best cellulite treatment. While these methods might offer temporary smoothing, they often fail to deliver lasting results. At Wright Plastic Surgery, we understand your desire for a smoother, more …

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Wright Plastic Surgery performs innovative breast cancer surgery procedure

Little Rock, AK – Wright Plastic Surgery have performed a new breast cancer surgery procedure that may restore sensation after mastectomy. Breast surgeon Dr. Yara Robertson and are now using the surgical technique Resensation® that can potentially restore sensation to the breast as part of . They are the first in Arkansas to offer this …

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What Factors Affect Breast Augmentation Price?

Deciding to have breast augmentation surgery is a significant decision that affects your lifestyle…and your wallet. Understandably, paying for your procedure is a top concern. That’s why we spend ample time during your consultation discussing your customized treatment plan and the specific costs of your procedure. While every patient is unique, it’s helpful to understand …

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Excess Skin After Weight Loss? These Procedures Can Help

At Wright Plastic Surgery, we celebrate your weight loss victory but also acknowledge the often unforeseen result—excess, sagging skin. Whether you lost weight with semaglutide shots or another method, our specialized surgical procedures remove loose skin and refine your hard-earned results. Let's explore how we can help you fully embrace the new you. Weight Loss …

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Best of the Best Arkansas Democratic Gazette

Awards Roundup: Thank You for Making Us the Best Plastic Surgery Practice in Little Rock!

When it comes to plastic surgery, Little Rock residents are spoiled for choice, with so many exceptional plastic surgeons and aesthetic medicine providers to choose from. Our recent accolade from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette's "Best of the Best" series is especially meaningful because of who selects it: you, the members of our Little Rock community. …

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Considering a Transformation? Take Our Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Quiz

When you’re ready to enhance or transform your physique, we offer various plastic surgery procedures to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. However, understanding your specific concerns and desired results is critical to making informed decisions about which plastic surgery body procedure best aligns with your needs. Choosing the Right Plastic Surgery Procedure Plastic surgery …

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