4 Things You Need To Know About Breast Implant Removal

Woman considering Breast Implant Removal in Little Rock, AR

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular procedures in America year after year. The surgery uses breast implants to add flattering volume and shape to the breasts. However, despite its popularity, there are situations where you may eventually need to have your breast implants removed. 

Breast implant removal—also known as “explant surgery”—is a procedure that allows our Little Rock patients to take out or replace their existing breast implants. If you have been considering treatment, here are 4 important things you should know beforehand. 

#1: Breast Implants Don’t Have an “Expiration Date.”

There are many reasons women might consider explant surgery, but a strict implant “expiration date” isn’t one of them. While most women exchange their implants every 10 to 15 years, this is only necessary if medical complications arise. 

One of the most common reasons implants may need to be removed is because scar tissue has hardened around the implants. This condition is known as capsular contracture, and it can cause pain and discomfort in addition to changing the breast’s appearance. Removal may also be needed if you experience a leak in the implant or a shift in the implant’s placement. Others choose implant removal because they’re experiencing systemic health-related complications. Although symptoms vary between patients, these complications are collectively known as breast implant illness (BII). 

#2: Breast Implant Removal Is a Delicate Procedure.

Breast implant removal is a secondary surgery that addresses the same area as the initial breast augmentation. Scar tissue is often present and must be carefully worked around in order to create new, flattering results. 

Explant surgery is a normal part of an implant’s life cycle. Still, its more complicated process makes it essential to work with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implant removal. Our practice has extensive experience in this procedure, and we have helped countless women safely achieve their new look. 

#3: Your Breasts May Sag After Surgery.

After breast augmentation, your tissues and skin stretch to accommodate the presence of your implants. Once the implants are removed, the tissues often stay stretched and your breasts may appear slightly saggy. For this reason, many women combine their implant removal with breast lift surgery

We use various techniques to preserve your breast volume and lift and tighten skin across the chest. During your consultation, our team can analyze your body and determine if a breast lift would be right for you.

#4: The Results Are Worth the Wait.

No matter your reasons for choosing to remove your implants, one fact remains the same: Women are overwhelmingly satisfied with their results. The procedure has earned a 97% “Worth It” ranking on RealSelf.com. If you would like to remove or exchange your breast implants, our team has the expertise and skill to help. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your skin and enjoy your new look for years to come.

If you want to learn more about breast implant removal here in Little Rock, please request a consultation online. You can also contact our office by phone at (501) 575-0088.

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